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Activities of Department of UAV Research, MAEU

Activities of Department of UAV Research, MAEU

Sustained Efforts to Expand Partnerships with National and International Organizations


1. Collaboration with FAO for agriculture damage assessment used in UAVs mapping of flood area in Magway Region

The department of UAV Research, MAEU cooperated with UN-FAO since 2016 in generating the applied map for agricultural damage assessment of the area affected by flood disaster in Magway Division Region. Then, the applied mapping of the pre-disaster management was generated for the along of Mone-Chaung, Mann-Chaung branches of Ayeyarwady River by using the UAVs of our department.

MAEU သလင်းရတုအခမ်းအနား

MAEU သလင်းရတုအခမ်းအနား

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